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    Boxing workout at home – A beginners guide to Throwing Punches

    Start boxing at home with our beginner's guide! Learn punches, techniques, and benefits. Get fit with Basic-Fit's online courses now!

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    What is the best weight training to lose weight?

    Weight training is becoming increasingly popular among people who want to lose weight. It has so many benefits!

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    45 minute shoulder training superset

    Do you want iron shoulders but don't have much time? With this superset you can exercise your shoulders with a relatively short but intense workout.

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    The best leg exercises with kettlebell

    The kettlebell may seem quite strange to beginners in the gym. But this chunky ball with a kind of handle on top can go a long way towards improving your fitness.

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    The best glute workout

    Many women ask me for advice on what exercises to do in the gym. When I ask them about their goals, the vast majority tell me that they would like to improve their abdominal area and especially their butt!

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    Follow these 5 success-proof tips to reach your fitness goals!

    The year kicks off full of good intentions, and full of energy, to work on your fitness goals

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    Tips for training in hot weather

    When it’s summertime and the weather becomes scorching, athletes should pay special attention to hydration.

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    How do you create and maintain a fitness routine?

    There are days when you simply don't feel like training.

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    Quick exercises you can do at the (home) office

    Discover this training routine that allows you to stay in shape by spending just seven minutes a day with exercises that can be done from anywhere.

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    Full body kettlebell workout

    Learn how to get the most out of kettlebells with this full-body HIIT workout.

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    This is how to do pull-ups

    The pull-up is one of the most famous exercises to work the upper body.

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    For training, resistance bands can hold their own!

    At first glance, fitness bands may seem less effective than using barbells or dumbbells for building muscle, but this is not entirely true.

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