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At Basic-Fit many of our Personal Trainers have followed accredited programmes of study across Europe to become EREPS Professionals.

EREPS is the European Register of Exercise Professionals and is a fully independent register of instructors, trainers and teachers working in the European fitness industry and is internationally recognised.

If a Personal Trainer has an EREPS accreditation, this means that he has had (various) training courses in the field of Fitness and Training and his knowledge and skills have been tested. With a Personal Trainer with EREPS certification you have proven quality in the house!

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Fitness Instructor (Level 3)

The role of a fitness or group fitness instructor is to build fitness participation of new and existing members through fitness experiences that meet their needs. An Instructor delivers fitness instruction to individuals with the use of equipment (Fitness Instructor) or to a group through fitness classes (Group Fitness Instructor). Both types of instructors have the same purpose of promoting and delivering safe and effective exercise but depending on the specific situation, some additional knowledge, skills, and competencies may be required.

Personal Trainer (Level 4)

A personal trainer’s role includes designing, implementing and evaluating exercise/physical activity programmes for a range of individual clients by collecting and analysing client information to ensure the effectiveness of personal exercise programmes. A personal trainer should also actively encourage potential clients/members to participate in and adhere to regular exercise/physical activity programmes, employing appropriate motivational strategies to achieve this and to assist them with behavioural change as a result.

Exercise for Health Specialist (Level 5)

An Exercise for Health Specialist can programme and supervise exercise for individuals (and groups if they hold this prior competency) with a range of chronic health conditions determined to be of low or moderate risk of an adverse event according to recognised stratification tools. An Exercise for Health Specialist is able to communicate effectively with medical and healthcare professionals about participant’s conditions using correct medical terminology, and with an understanding of the standard treatment options for an individual’s condition. They will need to take a holistic approach to the wellness of their clients that includes advising on lifestyle, healthy eating and stress management, in addition to exercise relevant to the condition, medication and with respect to professional boundaries.

Advanced Exercise for Health Specialist (Level 6)

An Advanced Health & Exercise Specialist has a role, which includes, designing, implementing, conducting/instructing, evaluating and supervising exercise/physical activity programmes for the general population and for special populations, by collecting and analysing client information to ensure the effectiveness and safety of personal and group exercise programmes. The Advanced Health & Exercise Specialist also supervises other fitness professionals and participates in the implementation of exercise/physical activity promotion activities and programmes, as well as in the managing activities of the club, in order to assure and provide the quality of the service to members or customers.