GXR Presenter



You can always do much more than you think!

I have been exercising a lot since my childhood. As a seventeen year old girl, without any teaching experience, I applied for a job at a gym. I was invited for an interview and a week later I was allowed to give my first trial lesson. Now I have a dance training, fitness training, training for vitality coach and a lot of experience.

At least 6 days a week I am ready to provide bootcamp training. In addition to my work as a personal trainer and bootcamp, I also love traveling, sports, food, family, friends, techno and festivals. I also have - all by myself - been able to make a nice trip through Asia for 3.5 months.

Since January 2019 I started giving GXR virtual group lessons at Basic-Fit. First as a sidekick from Larz at the Bootcamp but now also in my own GXR Aerobics class. I like to challenge others and let them go to the extreme!

GXR Presenter - photo 4.1