GXR Presenter


Cardio Box

Sport is the foundation of my life


I come from a "restless" environment in which I was looking for where I belonged. I had a very difficult time at school and it didn't all happen by itself. Sport has been a big outlet for me, I was very good at it and I felt appreciated. It has given me confidence and perseverance.
When I came to the boxing gym as a 13-year-old boy and bumped into boys aged 18 and over, I realized that this would be something I would like to do. Boxing became my calling!
I think it is fantastic to get others to work out and I notice that sport gives people a release, purely because I know what exercise has done for me. I show them that they too can make it through setbacks.
My GXR Box classes are easy to follow and apart from the boxing techniques you learn there, they are also great strength and cardio workouts!

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