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Make yourself better than yesterday. Are you ready?

As a child, I was always active. I tried every sport, from swimming and gymnastics to soccer and the circus school, but I never found something I could really get into. Moving was totally my thing, but in what form?
When I was 16 my parents allowed me to get a subscription at the gym and I was completely sold: the combination of cardio and power was great. Especially being able to do it yourself. From HIIT workout, to heavy power training, I used every corner of the gym. After I graduated from the University of the Arts and started working as a producer at a large TV company, I did not have time for the gym anymore. I was just working, and in the evening I was dropping limply onto the couch. This was not what I wanted, I missed the way I felt at the gym and did not feel like myself at all. I decided to get out of bed earlier to exercise first and only then to do all my other work. I laughed at myself at the thought... getting up early?!?!! Five years on, I can say: It has changed my life. Tough workouts in the morning have brought me back to what I am: an energetic morning freak! Follow my GXR XCore class!




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