Gyms in Breda

Gym in Breda
Are you looking for a nice gym in Breda? As a local resident, you are very welcome at our Basic-Fit gyms in Breda. Everyone can get their perfect workout here, whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser. Choose your favourite form of training with our fitness equipment or group classes. So come and visit one of our gyms in Breda, or register online right away. 

Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Breda?
If you work out at our gyms in Breda, you will notice that enthusiastic fellow athletes surround you. As a result, you’ll feel motivated to do a few more sets. Everyone is working hard, so you don't want to be left behind! It’s also a lot more fun than pedaling on your exercise bike at home alone! With a subscription to our sports club, there are no restrictions on when or how often you go. You will be prepared for your training session by our virtual coach. Your results are linked to your profile in the free Basic-Fit app, so you can track your progress and get valuable insights into your results.

Group classes and facilities
All our gyms in Breda are specially designed to make your training as pleasant as possible. You can, of course, make full use of our clean and spacious changing rooms or relax in the seating area with (sports) drinks vending machines for some refreshment. You can also relax on a massage chair after your workout or have a drink. Would you also like to exercise in a group so you can motivate each other? Breda offers unlimited virtual group classes for members. There is a group class every hour, including, for example, BodyPump, Zumba, or RPM. Do you need guidance, a personal trainer, or do you have other questions? We are happy to help you at one of our gyms in Breda.

Prices at Basic-Fit
Are you interested in exercising at one of our gyms in Breda? Starting at Basic-Fit is easy. All you have to do is choose which membership suits you and register online. We offer different types of memberships, starting at €19.99 for four weeks. Not sure which membership to select? It's pretty simple: decide whether you prefer to exercise alone or with a fitness buddy. In the first case, you should choose the Comfort membership. Otherwise, the Premium membership is the best choice. That way, you can always take a friend with you for free, and you always have some encouragement while working out! Are you convinced of all the benefits? Register here, or feel free to drop into one of our gyms in Breda.

Gyms in the Breda region
If you are looking for a Basic-Fit near Breda, you can always exercise at one of our gyms in Tilburg, Oosterhout, or Etten-Leur.