Live Body Balance

What is Body Balance?

Body Balance is a soothing workout that focuses on your body and mind. You develop more strength, flexibility and concentration through the different postures your body adopts.

In the Body Balance class you will find influences from yoga, tai chi and Pilates. This combination provides peace of body and mind.

Live group classes

The live Body Balance classes are taught by certified instructors. You will get the guidance you need and you will be motivated. Together with the group you relieve stress and relax as you increase your strength. After an hour you’ll have enjoyed a good workout and you can go home feeling satisfied.

Body & mind

After a stressful day you can relax completely with the Body Balance workout. You stretch your body with a good warm-up and then focus on strength and flexibility. You stretch your muscles making them more powerful and supple. This makes daily life a lot easier; you are less likely to get tired and suffer fewer injuries. During the Body Balance class, conscious breathing helps you to strengthen or relax. The different postures bring your body and mind together this is the perfect combination to let all stress go. This way you will not only have enjoyed a good workout, you also feel completely zen!

What is the result?

Body Balance not only ensures relaxation of the mind, but also has a great impact on your body and health. There are many benefits that come from a live Body Balance class, such as:

  • supple muscles
  • more power 
  • improved stamina 
  • less chance of injuries 
  • better breathing 
  • increased flexibility 
  • reduction of pain complaints 
  • staying on weight

You can do Body Balance as many times as you want. It is a good workout for relaxing after a hard day. In order to achieve a great result, it is best to take a Body Balance class twice a week. This way you are better able to respond to stressful moments and develop your muscle strength in the right way. The classes are renewed every three months, so there is no room for boredom. We hope to see you soon, to enjoy a stretch together!

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