What is RPM?

RPM is an one hour indoor cycling workout. This class will help you to burn a lot of calories and will help you to improve your condition.

Live group classes

The live RPM classes are taught by certified instructors. The difference between RPM and Spinning is that the RPM classes may only be taught by instructors with a license from Les Mills. This ensures that the content of the classes is of a fixed format and quality. At a Spinning class the instructor will personally select the music and content or write the choreo of the class, which may differ from session to session. During the RPM class you will cycle through that hour, with all the power you have in you and to motivating music.

Raw Power in Motion

You cycle over hills, make a climb, increase the pace, sprint and then you head back on the return journey. RPM stands for Raw Power in Motion and a live class will transfer all your raw energy into movement. You cycle to the pace of the music, so you can keep up with all the slopes and changes in speed.

What is the result?

RPM is very effective work. Its choreography ensures that this live cycle class constantly delivers a high result.

  • You burn a lot of calories
  • Building up condition
  • Fulfilled feeling, making you happier
  • More muscle power in your leg muscles
  • Increase stamina

Do you want to achieve the best results? Then take an RPM live class twice a week. The live RPM classes are renewed every three months, so there is no room for boredom. Always a challenging workout with motivating instructors. When do you cycle with us?

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