Why it is important to plan your training sessions

11 April 2018
Lots of people see working out as a hobby and do it without thinking about it too much. Of course, knowing the way to the gym is a great start!
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Of course, knowing the way to the gym is a great start! But if you really want to get specific results, it's best to prepare and plan your training sessions. We explain why.

Planning your training sessions gives structure

If you plan two or three sessions at the gym each week, this gives you structure. A structure gives you something to hold on to, which makes it easier to keep it up. This is particularly important if you're just starting out, to help you get used to your new lifestyle and routine. If you don't plan your training sessions, there's a risk that something else might get in the way. Simply because the training session isn't a priority. After all, you can do it tomorrow, can't you? That's a common pitfall! Because tomorrow never comes. You end up in a vicious circle and at the end of the story, your gym membership ends up unused in the kitchen drawer. You want to prevent that from happening. Because if you stop going or go a lot less, you won't meet those targets.

By planning your training sessions, you also plan your rest days

Having rest days at the right time is just as important as the training itself. By having rest days at the right time, you promote optimal muscle growth. Not allowing enough time for rest and recovery can lead to overtraining, with counterproductive results. And too much rest can reduce the effectiveness of your training. By planning your training sessions, you are automatically planning your rest days. As a result, you know for sure you have a good balance between training days and rest days.

You reach your training goals more quickly

By drawing up a training plan for yourself and by sticking to it, you will reach your training goals much more quickly! Whether that's getting into shape, training muscles or losing weight, by drawing up your own training plan and following it, you will find you achieve the result you are looking for in no time at all. You can go to the gym at the planned times and will be less likely to quit, you can coordinate different training sessions and you can rest and recover when needed. Got your training plan ready?