Basic-Fit Prices

Basic-Fit Clubs in Luxembourg temporarily closed

Due to the current situation we were sadly asked to close our clubs in Belgium.

If you are not a Basic-Fit member yet, you can still subscribe. Your contract will only start once our club reopen. This means you will not be able to use the Basic-Fit facilities or tools until then.

At Basic-Fit you determine your goal and we offer you the tools to achieve these goals. At your own pace and in your own way. You can choose from two memberships that offer you everything you need. And if you want to complete your sports package, add one of our flexible add-ons:

Included in both memberships

  • Access to more than 750 clubs in Europe
  • Follow the GXR virtual group lessons for free in the club or at home
  • Free Basic-Fit App with workouts, an online coach, audio training and more...
  • Compare Memberships

    Basic Comfort Premium
    Price €14.99per 4 weeks €19.99per 4 weeks €29.99per 4 weeks
    Access to all our clubs 1Home club 750+Clubs 750+Clubs
    Unlimited access of the Basic-Fit app with use of the Virtual Assistant
    Train in the club and online at home with GXR Group Classes
    Share your pass
    Bring a friend
    Subscription Fee €29,99€39,99 €19.99€39,99 Free€39,99

    Prices are valid for a contract period of one year. For an additional €9,- per 4 weeks you can cancel your membership at any moment.