Basic-Fit Prices

Do you want to get fit in the summer? The first step to turn this into a success story is to subscribe for a membership with Basic-Fit!
At Basic-Fit we have two memberships to choose from. You can decide for yourself which one suits you best. If you want to complete your sports package, add one of our flexible add-ons: 'Live group lessons' and 'Yanga Sports Water'.

Included in both memberships

  • Access to more than 700 clubs in Benelux, France and Spain
  • Free virtual GXR group lessons
  • Free Basic-Fit app with training programs, an online coach and video platform with which you can follow our virtual GXR group lessons at home

Compare Memberships

Basic Comfort Premium
Price €14.99per 4 weeks €19.99per 4 weeks €29.99per 4 weeks
Toegang tot aantal clubs 1Home club 700+Clubs 700+Clubs
Virtual assistant
Train online at home with GXR
Share your pass
Bring a friend
Subscription Fee €29,99€39,99 €19.99€39,99 Free€39,99
Get a free gym bag!
Workout 4 weeks free!

Offer valid for any new member registered between 3/12/2019 and 31/12/2019 on Comfort or Premium memberships. The minimum duration of the membership (12 months) starts after the free period. Only the registration fees and the first month are to be paid upon subscription. This offer is not cumulative with pre-sale offers. Bags are valid only within the limits of available stock