Yanga Sports Water


YANGA Sports Water is a sugar-free water drink enriched with essential vitamins. It helps restore the body's natural fluid balance and helps your body expel waste products. Drinking YANGA Sports Water helps you get the most out of your training!

Add the YANGA Sports Water Extra to your membership and fill up your bottle at the YANGA Hydration Station in the club every time you train. You can choose from 6 different flavours: coconut and pineapple, lemon, cactus and fig, mango and mandarin, passionfruit and blackcurrant. You can also fill your water bottle with cooled water.

YANGA Sports Water costs just €5 extra per 4-week period (can also be cancelled with effect from the next 4-week period). You can use this Extra to fill up your bottle at any Basic-Fit throughout Europa. Sharing your sports pass with someone? Then he or she can top up with YANGA drinks when training too.

Adding YANGA Sports Water to your membership

Want to add YANGA to your membership? Choose this Extra when you register with Basic-Fit. Already a member? Log in to My Basic-Fit and select Yanga Sports Water under 'Membership'. Or ask a member of staff at the club, they will also be able to do this for you.

Try out YANGA Sports Water!

Feel free to try out YANGA Sports Water before adding it to your membership. Ask a member of staff about trying out YANGA!

Yanga Sports Water - photo 3.1


  • 6 refreshing fruit flavours
  • Sugar-free, no colourants
  • Just 5 calories a bottle
  • Enriched with essential vitamins
  • Restores the natural fluid balance in your body
  • Helps in expelling the body's waste products
  • Fill your bottle with your favourite flavour every 20 minutes