Where is my sixpack?

25 July 2018
Been training hard over the past few months to get a tight six-pack? Now's the time to really show off your flat stomach! Off to the beach or pool.
Where is my sixpack? - photo 1.1

The trick is to hold on to that six-pack... All the summer good times might mean you have less time left for training and you might forget to think about your diet so much. That barbecue, that ice cream and that beer on the patio have got to be okay, surely?

Of course, it's good to enjoy the weather, relax and eat and drink all kinds of nice things, but before you know it you'll look in the mirror and see that your six-pack – that you've been training so hard for and putting in blood, sweat and tears over the past few months – has disappeared! What happened here? Where did that six-pack go? And more importantly... How do you get it back?

Where's that six-pack?

Oops! Is your six-pack hiding under a layer of fat, caused by unhealthy eating? Or, maybe you stopped tracking your muscle development because you were busy chilling while out with friends or on your recliner? Well, then your abdominal muscles might feel a little less firm...

How do I get that six-pack back?

A no-brainer: start training again. You have to find the motivation, but think about the result. Do sit-ups and crunches when you get up and then again before you go to bed if possible. Muscle strength doesn't simply disappear overnight, so as soon as you start training again, your abdominal muscles are literally 'shaken awake' and your muscle mass will soon be back to its old level. Popular exercises for a six-pack can be found here!

Watch your diet

Another important factor that will help you get your six-pack back quickly is – yet another no-brainer – watch your diet more closely. You don't have to go on a strict diet right away, but just think a bit more carefully about what you eat and drink each day. Instead of having a beer, choose a low-calorie drink, eat a little less (or healthier) when having a barbecue and leave the chips on the side. In no time you will find that washboard stomach reappearing and you can continue to enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer.

Don't forget to show off your hard-earned six-pack!