GXR Live Body Attack

What is Body Attack?

Body Attack is a high-energy interval workout. This workout involves a combination of athletic movements and strength and stabilization exercises. This workout is designed to train your endurance!

Live group classes

The live Body Attack classes are taught by certified instructors. You will get the guidance you need and will be very motivated to do that little bit extra. The right music and a dose of perseverance will make this hour long class pass in in a flash.


The Body Attack classes are suitable for everyone and therefore no complicated movements are performed.

What is the result?

  • you burn a lot of calories 
  • improved coordination
  • more stamina 
  • increased strength 
  • improved flexibility

To achieve the best results, you should take a Body Attack class twice a week. The classes are renewed every three months, so there is no room for boredom. Body Attack offers you fun movements with motivating music and instructors. When will we see you?

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