GXR Live Zumba

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a dance workout inspired by Latin music and movements. It’s a workout that combines all styles of the Latin Dance in a fun and refreshing way. Not only do you burn a lot of calories, but it is also good for your condition.

Live group classes

The Live Zumba classes are taught by certified instructors. You will get the guidance you need and will be motivated to do that little bit extra. With good moves and swinging music, you can dance yourself through this 55 minute class.


Many different dance styles are used. This makes for a varied, fun class. The music will take you to salsa, merengue, cumbia and quebradita. These different dance styles make the classes a real party. With the help of our instructors you can dance like a real Latin Dancer. The beauty of Zumba is that with supple movements, fun choreography and exciting music, you also lose weight.

What is the result?

During Zumba you can, despite the physical effort, relax spiritually. Thanks to the great music and cheerful atmosphere of the class it is easy not to think about anything else. Zumba offers with a lot of good results, like:

  • improved stamina
  • fat burning
  • More flexible
  • improved coordination
  • improved posture

To achieve the best results, you should take a Zumba class twice a week. Within a few weeks you will see a difference in your waist and thighs. Throw those hips and dance with us!

Would you like to alternate between live classes every now and then? Take a look at our <a href="https://www.basic-fit.com/en-nl/groupclasses" target="_blank" title="basic-fit group classes" alt="Basic-Fit group classes"><span style="color:#ff7000;">group classes</span></a> on the site, maybe you will find a class as well as Zumba that totally suits you!