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    Sicheres Trainieren bei Basic-Fit während der Schwangerschaft. Welche Übungen eignen sich für welches Trimester und welche Übungen solltest du meiden?

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    Sicher trainieren auch während der schwangerschaft

    Bei Basic-Fit kannst du auch während der Schwangerschaft sicher und mit Freude trainieren! Nimm am Schwangerschaftsprogramm teil, und du wirst dich körperlich und geistig unschlagbar fühlen!

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    this is how you get the most out of the new basic fit app

    Have you downloaded our new app already? It has been given a completely new look and very important, you will find everything you need in one place.

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    Help: my favorite fitness moment is fully booked

    That's why we've came up with 4 useful tips to help you book your favorite fitness moment.

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    Workout playlist by Basic-Fit on Spotify

    The benefits of a playlist during a gym session

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    Try virtual group lessons in the club or at home

    Group classes make going to the gym just that little bit more fun. They are sociable, varied and challenging.

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    Train where you want

    Fortunately, as a Basic-Fit member, your training schedule doesn't have to suffer as a result.

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    This is how you build muscle mass

    Whether your training goal is losing weight, building strength or looking more muscular, you'll reach it faster if you build muscle mass.

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    Measure = know, the fat index

    When you step on the scales, there might not be much of a difference from the last time, but you might see a love handle that wasn't there a few months ago!

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    Live group lessons

    Using the equipment in the gym to work out is a great way of achieving your goals quickly, but sometimes you want to do something different.

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    Fitness wearables

    Fitness trackers, also called smart watches, sport watches or activity trackers, are watches that you wear when exercising, but they don’t look out of place at other times.

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    First time at the gym

    You’ve finally made the decision; it might have taken you a while, but you’re determined. You are going to start going to the gym!

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