Camera Surveillance

Basic-Fit regulations for camera surveillance

 (Basic-Fit version 1.1)

1.    Nature of camera surveillance
1.1    Basic-Fit operates camera surveillance for the purpose of:
•    access control to Basic-Fit sports clubs;
•    monitoring and security of people and goods in Basic-Fit sports clubs;
•    prevention and registration of nuisance, such as vandalism and violence against individuals;
•    access control to other Basic-Fit buildings and premises;
•    monitoring of goods found in Basic-Fit buildings and premises;
•    supervision of Basic-Fit staff workplaces;
•    and everything else directly related to the above.
1.2    No other personal data will be processed except:
•    Camera images of the buildings and premises and the persons and goods in and on these buildings and premises which Basic-Fit looks after.
•    Data relating to the time, date and location of the camera images.

2.    Cameras’ transparency
2.1    Hidden cameras are not used.
2.2    Basic-Fit is transparent about its use of cameras. Where use of cameras is made, this is indicated by means of stickers, signs, etc.
2.3    There are cameras that record sound in addition to images.
2.4    Conversations via intercom are recorded for quality purposes.
2.5    There are no cameras in clubs’ changing rooms or toilets.

3.    Implementation of camera surveillance
3.1    In practice, the policy regarding camera surveillance is implemented by the control room and Remote Surveillance department. Occasionally, a third party is called in to capture or monitor camera images, for example in external control rooms to monitor clubs that are temporarily unstaffed. The Remote Surveillance department remains ultimately responsible for the implementation of camera surveillance at all times.

4.    Retention period of images
4.1    Camera images are saved for a maximum of 28 days, unless a longer time is required to deal with an incident witnessed.

5.    Access and security of images
5.1    The Remote Surveillance department has taken adequate measures to protect against unauthorized access or misuse of stored camera images.
5.2    Persons authorized to view images shall be explicitly bound by the obligation of professional secrecy. Access to the images is password-protected.

6.    Inspection, copying, deletion or blocking of camera images
6.1    A specific request from the data subject for the inspection and copying of camera images containing the relevant day, period of time and location can be submitted to the Basic-Fit Customer Care department. 
6.2    A request by the data subject for the deletion or blocking of the camera images may be requested if the camera images are incomplete or irrelevant for the purpose of processing, or are otherwise processed in violation of a statutory requirement. 
6.3    The request may be refused if the inspection would harm the privacy interests of other persons.

7.    Release of camera images
7.1    Recorded camera images are only provided to a competent government agency if a (written) lawful order has been received from the relevant government agency, or if another statutory regulation requires Basic-Fit to do so.
7.2    No access will be granted to private parties, unless they themselves are in the image (see point 6 ‘Inspection and copies’).

8.    Complaints, questions and requests
8.1    Complaints and questions about the use of camera surveillance and about the behaviour of the employees involved, as well as requests from those involved for access, copies, removal or blocking can be submitted to Basic-Fit at or in writing to
Attn the Customer Care department, request privacy
Wegalaan 60
2132 JC Hoofddorp, 
The Netherlands
8.2    A response will be provided within 4 weeks of receipt of the question or complaint.
8.3    In cases not covered by this policy, Basic-Fit will decide.