Why Basic-Fit

Basic-Fit Clubs in Belgium are open again

Good news: on June 8th, we have opened our clubs in Belgium
You only know what you are missing, if it is not there, right? Well we have experienced that lately :-) We are very happy that we welcome you back to our clubs and hope you enjoy your workouts more than ever!
We have taken a number of measures to create a safe sports environment for everyone. We have to do it together! Read our measures here.

Joining a gym is one thing. Going there regularly is a second one.

That's where Basic-Fit is ready to help. Because if you are and stay motivated, you are definitely on the road to success. After a short online intake, new members receive a personal training schedule for the first 6 weeks to get you off to a good start. Furthermore, you can always use the free Basic-Fit app with endless exercises, training schedules and virtual classes. Do you want personal guidance? No problem! Personal trainers are available in our clubs and happy to help you!
See below all the advantages of Basic-Fit and what is made available for you to reach your goal.

Basic-Fit clubs

In all our clubs you can find the newest equipment of Matrix and TechnoGym. Everything you need for your perfect workout! Hygiene has always been important and these days even more. You can do your own training in the open gym, or follow a virtual class in GXR room for group classes. Many gyms also offer live group lessons!

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We Provide Fitness everywhere, at anytime, for everyone
Basic-Fit mission

Get fit anytime, anywhere

At Basic-Fit, you get a lot of options to train at the gym, but we also believe that you can get fit wherever you want. Loving what you do, when you want and where you want, is key for reaching your goals. Whether you want to train in the gym, at home or outside, you decide for yourself. We are here to help!

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Basic-Fit membership

Become a Basic-Fit member! Choose the membership that suits you the most and add extra's to make it 100% fit your needs. In some areas, we also offer Basic-Fit Ladies clubs and Basic-Fit 24/7 clubs. Check below to know more.

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Reserve your workout time!

  • Reserve up to 5 days in advance and for workout times up to 60 minutes
  • Without a reservation we can't permit you to enter the club, sorry!
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