Careful with Fake Promotions

Messages get sent out regularly from Facebook, e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp saying they come from Basic-Fit. Many of these messages ask for your personal details. These are bogus messages that do not come from us. These messages are often sent for Spam or Phishing purposes, or to get you to buy paid services.

This is how you can recognise fake messages

  • The message often urges you to make a payment, or makes you an offer that is too good to be true, which forces you to take action.
  • When you click on the link, you do NOT land on a Basic-Fit website. If you move your mouse over the link, you will see that the web address does not start with
  • Often the message contains spelling mistakes and does not address you personally.
  • The message is either all about or almost all about a promotion or something you can win, which may sound too good to be true.
  • The e-mail asks you to share your bank or personal details, which is something Basic-Fit NEVER does.
  • The e-mail address in the message contains special characters or does not end in "".

What to do if you receive a fake e-mail?

Send the fake e-mail, preferably as an attachment, to Basic-Fit at This helps us find the culprits and prevent fake e-mails in the future.

Bogus offers we are aware of

There is currently an e-mail doing the rounds that links to offering free Basic-Fit membership. It is designed in the Basic-Fit colours and uses our logo.

Becoming a member of Basic-Fit online is only possible through our own website and NEVER through external sites! Never fill in your details on a website that isn’t Basic-Fit’s website such as this wrong link: http:/

Besides, big discounts and competitions are currently being offered on social media where members can buy a membership at a very low price or even win one. Don't engage on these, they are fake.

Fake Basic-Fit Promotion on Social Media
Fake Promotion on Social Media

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