Code of Conduct of the Fitness sector

Basic-Fit has undertaken to comply with the Code of Conduct for the Fitness Sector.

Code of conduct of the fitness sector

Marlène de Wouters launched on the 18th of May 2021 the campaign "Fit With A Star" with the support of Basic-Fit. Marlène has gathered 20 famous Belgians who are committed to the project : Virginie Claes, Tom Waes, Michel Preud'homme, Elodie Ouédraogo, Louis Talpe, Kamal Kharmach, Sven de Leijer, Marléne de Wouters, Gilles Van Bouwel, Axel Witsel, Maureen Louys, Kody, James Cooke, Bieke Ilegems, Adrien Devyer, Thomas Vanderveken, Lynn Wesenbeek, Thomas Van Hamme, Nacer Chadli, Jérôme de Warzée. These stars have put themselves up for auction on for a duo training session for 2 people.

The auction raised 9,290€ and Basic-Fit agreed to double this amount. A total of 18,580€ was therefore transferred to the "Unlock your Energy" project of the King Baudouin Foundation, which provides financial support to projects that work on the mental well-being of young people.

The proceeds were divided among the following projects:

  • Shoulder to shoulder/Rugby ensemble !
  • Openlucht fitness Cicindriapark
  • Groep Intro - Op-trekking!
  • D’broej - Sport en spel op de Cinoco-site