Basic-Fit is regularly looking for new ambassadors! Loyal members who are fans of Basic-Fit and would like to share their sports passion, sports routine, tips & tricks and much more on social media. Recognizable? Read on quick!

What is a Basic-Fit ambassador?
The word says it all, you are an ambassador of Basic-Fit! You are very enthusiastic about Basic-Fit and would like to pass this on to your followers, both online and offline.

What does an ambassador do?
Are you often present in a Basic-Fit club and is creating fun social content such as Tiktok, Reels, Stories, Feedposts etc. your passion and do you have a talent for that 🤳? Then we might be looking for you!

What's in it for me?
We want to involve our ambassadors as much as possible in Basic-Fit 🧡. Think about:

  • Attending fun events such as club openings or workshops
  • You can be the first to try out new things / products such as our fitness tools or our AR Filters on Instagram!
  • You will receive products from the webshop
  • You will receive a personal discount code for our Basic-Fit webshop that you can share with your followers

We like to reward very active ambassadors. Did you know that our ambassadors are regularly asked for campaign shoots?

Are you the ambassador we are looking for?
Are you a member of Basic-Fit, are you a star in creating fun content, do you have more than 5000 followers and are you especially very enthusiastic? Register quickly using the form below! We make a selection from all registrations. Selected people will receive a personal message from us via email.