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Do you like to exercise because it is healthy, or simply because you enjoy it? Then why not try out one of our many Basic-Fit gyms in Antwerp. At the moment, there are plenty, both in the city and the wider districts. Antwerp North is served by several Basic-Fit clubs in Ekeren. And if you are looking for a fitness centre in Antwerp South, we’d recommend you try out our gyms in Hoboken or Middelheim. You can even work out in the centre of Antwerp, within walking distance of the Boerentoren. Take a look at the overview below to find a gym in Antwerp close to your area, as well as the opening times and details of the amenities we offer.

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Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Antwerp?

If you are looking for a gym in Antwerp for the first time, you might not know what to expect. Although you certainly understand that people work out in Antwerp's Basic-Fit clubs, you probably have lots of questions. To help you get started, your professional Basic-Fit trainer will begin with a short introduction, in which you will determine together how fit you already are and whether you have specific goals you would like to achieve. After that, a training schedule is developed especially for you, your physical fitness level, and your goals for the future. This way, you start at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Basic-Fit gyms in Antwerp want both newcomers and regular gym-goers to feel at home, so your fitness coach at our Antwerp gym will guide you from the moment you step inside.

Group classes and facilities 

If you love working out while being surrounded by like-minded people, then don’t miss the range of Basic-Fit group classes at our gym in Antwerp. It doesn't matter if you are chubby, skinny, short, or tall as all eyes are on the trainer. Only the common goal of having an excellent workout is important, and that is sure to give you a boost.

Perhaps it’s not your thing to work out or dance in a group. If you prefer to exercise solo, indulge yourself in one of our other training zones. You can easily and quickly set your desired heart rate, distance, or time on the console of a rowing machine. This way, you can train optimally. Feel free to put in your earphones and set some motivational music while you beat the miles. But even without earphones, you won’t be aware that others are having fun with HIIT or Zumba in a room nearby. In our Antwerp gym, you’ll enjoy the necessary peace and privacy as you work out.

Prices at Basic-Fit

When you compare Basic-Fit's membership prices with what you get in return, you’ll quickly realise that fitness has never been so affordable. It makes no difference which gym in Antwerp you register with. You are immediately a member of more than 900 clubs in Europe. You can always count on the same excellent guidance and high-quality equipment at all our locations. The lockers and individual showers are free everywhere, so you can conveniently freshen up after an intensive workout.

Gyms in the Antwerp region

Are you looking for more gyms near Antwerp? View all of the Basic-Fit gyms in Zwijndrecht, Mortsel and Kontich. With our club finder, it’s easy to find a gym near you. So register online and find your closest Basic-Fit gym in Antwerp today!