Audio Training for the greatest training sessions

04 October 2019
You bravely set off for the gym, but to be completely honest, you don't yet know exactly what you're going to do there...
Audio Training for the greatest training sessions - photo 1.1

Without a concrete plan, you feel a bit lost surrounded by all those apparatuses and weights. Sounds familiar? Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone could whisper in your ear what you should do from start to finish? Guess what? That's what happens with the new Audio Trainings from Basic-Fit. 

Treadmill, Cross Trainer and Recharge workouts
The first audio trainings in the categories of Treadmill, Cross Trainer and Recharge are now included in the Basic-Fit app (free for members!) under ‘Audio Training’. Plug in the headphones, get on the treadmill or cross trainer, and let the training begin. Be guided by our super enthusiastic and pro instructors. Perhaps you want to collect yourself after a hectic day, then settle yourself on a yoga mat with the Recharge Audio Workout.

New workouts every month
New workouts are added every month, varying from 8 to 20 minutes. It's just like having your personal trainer standing there to give you instructions. In between the beats, you hear what to do. Faster, harder, slower and keep going! You get tips and you're cheered on to the end of the training. You didn't know you had it in you, but suddenly you run faster than ever before due to the trainer motivating and challenging you 😉. Training on the treadmill was never such fun!

Advantages of Audio Training
• Always a professional trainer at your disposal
- You know exactly what you must do
- You get motivated, so you get more out your training
• Training becomes much more fun
- Available for training in a gym (Treadmill and Cross Trainer) en at home (Recharge)

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