How to survive Christmas holidays?

28 November 2018
It's December and Christmas is just around the corner! Super sociable. Time with your family and friends. And, of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without lots of special treats to eat.
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There's no resisting them! But once December is over and you're back on the scales, an unpleasant surprise may await when those extra kilos are staring you in the face. How can you avoid that happening? Watch your diet over the holidays and, most importantly, keep training!

How can you manage your diet over the Christmas period?

The celebrations come thick and fast in December. Work outings, Christmas and New Year gatherings. You can be sure all of them will feature large portions of irresistible and, frequently, unhealthy food. Add to that Christmas drinks at work, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, and throw in a birthday here and there, and your life becomes a series of parties. Try to monitor your diet closely during this period to compensate for the excess energy intake over the holidays.

With a breakfast and lunch rich in protein and fibre, you'll feel fuller throughout the day and less tempted to gobble down those unhealthy snacks all in one.

Drink enough, but go easy on the alcohol!

We all know this, but alcohol is disastrous for your figure. It contains a lot of calories and stimulates you to eat more. Don't go overboard on the wine and beer. Make sure you drink plenty of water as a substitute.

Use that excess energy to train!

Even if you watch your diet carefully, you'll probably have a higher energy intake than usual during the holidays - so, you might as well put that energy to good use. Go train! That way, you'll feel less guilty about eating too much during December and, come January, you'll see that you've gained less weight than you would otherwise. A win-win situation! Don't feel like going to the gym, or you haven't got time? Then check out the workouts and/or exercises in the Basic-Fit app (members only).