24/7 clubs

Please note: As of Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 24/7 clubs will still not be open 24/7. Clubs will resume their regular opening hours. We will keep you informed of the change in due course.

With the Basic-Fit sports pass you can workout everywhere and thanks to more 24/7 clubs, WHENEVER you want! Before your first lecture, after you late night shift, it's all possible. There are no staff members present at night, but we keep a close eye on everything remotely with smart cameras. So you are never alone and can always do your workout safely and leave satisfied. If you have a question during your workout or if you want to report something, you can use the intercom in the club to get in contact with our 24-hour team. As the name says, they are available day and night and will help you immediately.

A 24-hour gym near you
Our website lets you search for Basic-Fit gyms and filter on 'open 24 hours'. You can check here to see if there is a 24-hour gym in your area.

Access your club

As always, you enter the club with your sports pass. That doesn't work? Then you can arrange your membership and the club access at the kiosk or contact our 24-hour team via the intercom in front of the entrance. They will help you remotely!

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Club organisation

In our 24-hour clubs, our employees are only present during regular opening hours (Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 22:30 and Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 16:00). Outside of these times the club is monitored with smart cameras and contact can be made via an intercom. The changing rooms and group classroom are closed half an hour before the employees stop for security reasons. Make sure you have taken all of your belongings out of the locker room before that time.

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In emergency situations such as a fire, you may be asked to leave the club. Check the map inside the club so you know where the nearest exit is. In case of an emergency you can open the door manually with a button.

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Medical emergency

Someone doesn't feel well? Stay with this person and let someone else go to the intercom to ask for help.

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