24 hours open

If you are a Basic-Fit member, you can work out anywhere with your gym pass. Everywhere, ANY TIME. More and more clubs are now open 24 hours a day! Day and night you can haul dumbbells around, tire yourself out on the treadmill and do other exercises to boost your fitness and strengthen your muscles. Before school, after work ... Even if you want to hit the weights after a wedding, you can!

A 24-hour gym close by
Our website lets you search for Basic-Fit gyms and filter on 'open 24 hours'. You can check here to see if there is a 24-hour gym in your area.

Work out across Europe
We have more than 750 clubs within Europe, and two new ones are opening every week. So wherever you are, there is a gym not far away! Whether you have a work trip in the Netherlands or Belgium or are on holiday in France or Spain. So no excuses!