GXR Live XCore

What is Xcore?

Xcore is a functional workout in which you train your stomach, back, legs and arms with the Xcore trainer. The Xcore trainer is an aluminium tube filled with grit, which moves back and forth. The back and forth of the grit gives the muscles extra stimulation.

Live group classes

The live Xcore classes are taught by certified instructors. You will get the guidance you need and you will be motivated to give that little bit extra. The right music and a dose of perseverance will make sure those 45 minutes will be over in no time.

Reactive Impact

By training with the Xcore trainer, your body adapts itself because the movement has to be both initiated and stopped. This is due to the grit that fills the tube. By moving the tube, the grit is moved from one side to the other. This extra impulse is called 'Reactive Impact'. This should give your body extra power, resulting in a faster strengthening of your body. You can enjoy this advantage not only during exercise, but also in daily life.

What is the result?

Xcore is different from other workouts and that provides surprising results. The Reactive Impact develops more muscle power, more balance and tightens your body. This is not the only thing, with Xcore you can achieve much more:

  • greater performance
  • increased speed
  • burn a lot of calories
  • improved coordination
  • reduced risk of injuries

To achieve the best results, you should take an Xcore class twice a week. The classes are renewed every three months, so there is no room for boredom. It’s a class full of fun movements with motivating music and instructors with a twist. Are you ready to be surprised?

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