We are open again! Are you coming?

It took a while, but our gyms are finally open again! Basic-Fit is happy to welcome you!


Let's go go go!

To be honest, corona probably didn't do our wellbeing a lot of good, but we can finally work on this. There is no better way we can welcome you than with a great promotion. If you register now at Basic-Fit, you'll always get 4 weeks of fitness extra and a nice gym bag as well! Warm welcome don't you think? Of course this is not the only reason (it helps of course), that you have to go for Basic-Fit.
These are just a few of the many reasons why you should work out at Basic-Fit. So, are you looking for a new gym where you can knock off those corona kilos? We offer different memberships for every type of athlete, so the choice is yours.
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Basic Comfort Premium
Price €14,99 Per 4 weeks €19,99 Per 4 weeks €29,99 Per 4 weeks
Access to all our clubs 1 Home club +1000 Clubs +1000 Clubs
Unlimited access of the Basic-Fit app
Train everywhere with GXR Group Classes
Share your pass
Bring a friend
Subscription Fee €19,99 €19,99 €19,99
A Gymbag for free A Gymbag for free Get a free gymbag with a new year membership!
Always 4 weeks extra Always 4 weeks extra Always 4 weeks extra with a new year membership!

*Always 4 weeks extra with a new year memberships.

*Only valid for new yearly subscriptions

Prices are valid for a contract period of one year. For an additional €9,- per 4 weeks you can cancel your membership at any moment.