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Do you want to take a Group Exercise Class?

Here’s how:

  • Reserve your workout in Gymtime. This gives you access to the club in general. You do not have to make an additional reservation for a GXR group lesson.
  • For a virtual GXR group lesson, you can go into the group exercise roomroom whenever you want. If you want to take a GXR live group lesson, you need to pick up a ticket at the front desk to enter the class.
  • Due to the Corona measures there are a limited number of places available per lesson. The number of green dots in the room indicates how many people can participate.
  • The workout space per participant is clearly market in the group exercise room. Each participant must stay in their own section throughout the lesson to maintain the 1.5m distance.
  • Some live lessons have been shortened from 60 to 40 minutes to ensure that there is enough time properly clean the materials. We also ensure that there are not too many people entering and exiting the room at the same time. The shortened class times are not adjusted on the group exercise timetable. However, the start times for all classes you see are correct!
  • There is now a 30 minute break between virtual lessons so that there is time to clean the materials and not too many people are entering and leaving the room. So, if after you finish the class you want to do a kartwheel- no problem there shouldn’t be anyone in your way! 😊

Tips for booking your workout!

As we are currently only allowed to have a limited number in the club at the same time, we work with a reservation system: Gymtime. Here you can reserve your workout. This can be done via the Basic-Fit app and You can make a reservation up to 4 days in advance. Once your workout is done, you can plan your next workout. If you want, you can come every day if you make a reservation every day for the next day.
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Measures for a safe fitness environment