GXR Corona Measures

Grouplessons are temporarily closed

Due to the Covid-19 measures we temporarily closed our grouplesson classes. Did you know that you can still follow our Virtual Grouplessons via My Basic-Fit or the Basic-Fit app? Try it out and we hope to see you soon!

Tips for booking your workout!

As we are currently only allowed to have a limited number in the club at the same time, we work with a reservation system: Gymtime. Here you can reserve your workout. This can be done via the Basic-Fit app and mijnbasic-fit.com. You can make a reservation up to 4 days in advance. Once your workout is done, you can plan your next workout. If you want, you can come every day if you make a reservation every day for the next day.
GXR Corona Measures - photo 3.1

Measures for a safe fitness environment