About Basic-Fit

Become a Basic-Fit member! Unlimited fitness, fitness from €19.99 per 4-week period and access to over 1000 Basic-Fit gyms in Europe!


Let's get fit

Fit. Fitter. Fittest. People are becoming ever more aware of the importance of feeling healthy and in shape. Working out helps you to get fit and stay that way. Fitness is very popular and, at Basic-Fit, we do everything to make working out at the gym even easier and more fun for you.

The benefits of exercising with Basic-Fit

With over 650 clubs in Europe, Basic-Fit is the largest gym chain. Our members can therefore take advantage of many benefits. Basic-Fit gives you the ability to work out to your heart's content every day of the week, without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. You can get an unlimited fitness membership for €19.99 per 4-week period. And, for that amount, you are free to come work out at all of our gyms! You prefer paying less and access only one gym? It's also possible with the Basic membership for only €14.99 per 4-week period. We offer you loads of extras compared to many other gyms, despite our very low price. For example, you get to participate for free, and without limits, in all virtual GXR group lessons, and also follow these at home using the video platform on the Basic-Fit app. At Basic-Fit, you don't have to pay to shower and you can store things in a locker for free. We think it is important that your gym is a place where you can feel at home. That's why all Basic-Fit gyms are spacious and attractively furnished.

Share your membership

What else makes Basic-Fit unique? We offer a membership that you can share: the Premium membership. For just €29.99 per 4-week period, you can share your pass with someone who lives at the same address as you do. You are welcome to train separately or together. If one of you wants to take a friend with you, you can! Two people can always train at the same time on one Premium membership.

Basic-Fit members benefit from:

  • Unlimited fitness
  • The Fitness app
  • Access to all Basic-Fit gyms in Europe
  • There's always a gym nearby
  • The most up-to-date equipment
  • More and more gyms are open 24/7
  • Virtual GXR group lessons - also available at home
  • Share your membership with 1 other person (with Premium)
  • Always be able to bring someone with you (with Premium)

Basic-Fit helps you!

Independent training is a core feature of Basic-Fit, but that doesn't mean that you're left to your own devices. We've come up with different training schedules to help you achieve your goals. The schedules are based on different goals, focus areas and levels. You can find the training schedules on the Virtual Coach in the gyms themselves and on the Basic-Fit App (for members only).