Our Partnerships

As a company, we contribute to society and aim to have a positive impact on our communities. We want to help people who lack the opportunity to exercise to stay active and enjoy the benefits of doing sport, whatever their background, gender, age, physical condition or ability.


We have set up 3 main sponsorships to bring us closer to people and communities. We develop national sponsorships with the Johan Cruyff Foundation based in the Netherlands, Sport dans la Ville in France and Sport2Be in Belgium, all with the aim of helping children and young adults to become active and get a better start in life.

With the Johan Cruyff Foundation, we help to make people fitter and more active, so they will be healthier, happier and get more out of life, both mentally and physically. With our cooperation with Sport dans la Ville and Sport2Be, we give children and young adults a chance to thrive irrespective of their origins, social or educational background, to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.

Moreover, these two organizations support young people from sport to a job. Basic-Fit participates in their professional programs through a variety of actions, such as work placement within our clubs, career advice and workshops. With more than 8,000 employees, we contribute to economic growth and decent work and we offer opportunities to thrive in the fitness industry. 

We contribute to a range of programs developed by our partners that have a good fit with our core business and projects. It is important to us that we support younger children in their learning process through sport and help young adults to acquire professional skills.

With all of our main partners in the Netherlands, France and Belgium we offer young people the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise as a European fitness leader to learn more about fitness, nutrition and a healthy way of life.

This program involves our employees at headquarters as well as in the clubs. We are proud to share our passion for a healthier lifestyle and its benefits with younger generations !


Fit With

A Star

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Fysio sessie

At the end of the workout you will get a physiotherapy session.


Personal trainer

The duo workout is supervised by a Personal Trainer.


Duo workouts

A duo workout of 60 minutes with a famous Flemish person.



We give you a well filled goodie bag after your workout.

A curly-haired woman with a towel hanging around her neck is smiling happily after doing a home workout in the living room. She had completed the training program and her face was filled with satisfaction.


Ook krijg je een foto-moment mee als souvenir.

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Covid-19 and its health measures have rocked the daily lives of the entire population for more than a year. Young people have had a particularly hard time, and especially the most vulnerable among them. This is why Basic-Fit decided to support the King Baudouin Foundation's "Unlock your Energy" project.

In turn, the King Baudouin Foundation supports projects that help young people and young adults, aged 15 to 25, feel better about themselves again. Fun, compelling projects that rekindle their sense of commitment, and the sense of solidarity with those facing the most difficulties.

With "Fit with a star", we gave members and non-members the opportunity to bid on a unique sporting experience together with a well-known Fleming in one of our clubs. In addition, they also supported a good cause, as the entire contribution went to the King Baudouin Foundation's "Unlock your Energy" project. And Basic-Fit doubled the amount!

The auction itself raised 9,290€ and Basic-Fit doubled this amount, we transferred a total of 18,580€ to the King Baudouin Foundation's "Unlock your Energy" project, which provides financial support to projects working with a focus on the mental well-being of young people.

The proceeds were divided among the following projects:

  • Shoulder to shoulder/Rugby ensemble !
  • Outdoor fitness Cicindria Park
  • Group Intro - Op-trekking!
  • D'broej - Sports and games at the Cinoco site


Marlène de Wouters

initiative taker Fit with a Star​

Sports have always been the common thread in my life. Sport is essential for your physical, mental and social health. Sport supports the

immune system and our mental resilience. 


Alexandra Vidanovski


As the largest classified ads site in Belgium, we are delighted to help support and guide this project.