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Sport 5 weeks extra

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Basic Basic Premium
Price* 14,99 Per 4 weeks 19,99 Per 4 weeks 29,99 Per 4 weeks
Access to all our clubs 1 Home club 1 Club +1200 Clubs
Unlimited access of the Basic-Fit app
Train everywhere with GXR Virtual Group Classes
Access to GXR Live Group Classes ( if it is offered in the club)
Unlimited use of the massage chairs (if offered in the club)
Bring a friend
50% discount on Yanga Sports Water
€20 NXT Level voucher
Subscription Fee €19,99 €19,99 Free
Get 5 weeks for free! Get 5 weeks for free! At Basic-Fit you get now 5 weeks for free with a new annual membership. Valid until april. 2, 2023.
Get a  sportsbag for free! Get a Sportsbag for free. Get a Sportsbag for free with a new annual membership!

Make your membership complete

We want your workout to be tailored to your fit!
In most of our clubs we have 3 extra's to supplement your workout:

  • Yanga Sports Water: A sugarfree ice-cold sportsdrink before, after or during your workout
  • Personal Online Coach: Get fit and challenge yourself with 1 of our Personal Trainers in the app
  • Personal Training Intro: Let's go for a perfect start to achieve the best fitness results

Take a look at our extra's to make your club sessions even better.

What is it that keeps you going? For that one fit goal, the ultimate couple goals or so you can drink some wine with the girls? Whatever your reason, it's about making fitness a basic. Go for a nice cardio session, fanatic group class or go all out on our latest fitness equipment. Whoever you are or however you train, our doors are wide open for you. Go For It!


You can also choose to terminate your membership immediately at flexible notice. You pay 9,99 euros per 4 weeks extra for this. Useful if you are not sure whether you want to continue exercising for a year, but not the most economical choice. For your wallet as well as for your fitness level, it is better to stay true to your sport plans for at least a year 😉 .



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