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There is always a Basic-Fit gym near you. If you are looking for a gym in Malaga with excellent fitness equipment, you are going to love Basic-Fit. We also offer face-to-face and virtual group classes and a free app that lets you train wherever and whenever you want. In addition, we provide high-quality equipment with free showers and secure lockers. So come work out at Basic-Fit, one of the best gyms in Malaga. For opening hours, see the information page.

Don't wait any longer; sign up online and come visit your new fitness club. Enjoy the Basic-Fit experience!

Our gym in Malaga

Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Malaga?

If you are looking for a gym in Malaga, Basic-Fit should be your first stop. When you sign up, you’ll get a free six-week personalised training programme. Also, depending on your membership, you’ll have access to any Basic-Fit gym in Andalusia, Spain, and the rest of Europe. We have over 900 gyms across Europe, so there is always a Basic-Fit gym near you! Basic-Fit offers you the flexibility to stay in shape your way.

Who doesn't want a personal trainer to guide them through their fitness routine? Our trainers are very happy to help you! If you like training with others, be sure to check out our range of group classes, which you can follow in-person or virtually. And after finishing your training session, recover with our sugar-free, vitaminised, hydrating YANGA Sports Water. If you are looking for an affordable gym that is modern, flexible, and focused on your training, Basic-Fit in Malaga is the club for you.

Group classes and facilities 

Are you looking for a great gym in Malaga? Like all our gyms in Europe, Basic-Fit is equipped with all the comforts you would expect from a modern gym: high-quality fitness equipment, free showers, and secure lockers. In addition, in our Malaga gym, we have no fewer than seven training areas, changing rooms, and a personal trainer at your disposal.
At Basic-Fit, there are two types of group classes: live and virtual. In live classes, you are face to face with an experienced instructor who will help you motivate yourself and get the best out of each session. The GXR classes are virtual, so you can access them 24 hours a day.

Prices at Basic-Fit

Basic-Fit offers you three plans: Basic, Comfort, and Premium. With the Basic plan, you can only train in one gym—in this case, your gym in Malaga. With this Basic option, you will not be able to bring along a workout buddy when you train, nor will you have access to the other Basic-Fit clubs in Spain and Europe. Virtual GXR classes are also not included.

With the Comfort plan, you can access any Basic-Fit club in Spain and Europe, plus the virtual assistant and virtual GXR classes. However, with this plan, you will not be able to share your membership with a workout buddy. With the Premium plan, all services are at your disposal: you can train in Basic-Fit gyms throughout Spain and Europe, share your membership with a workout buddy, and access our virtual GXR classes and the virtual assistant.

Gyms in the Malaga region

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