Yanga Sports Water

YANGA Sports Water is a sugar-free water drink enriched with essential vitamins. It helps restore the body's natural fluid balance and helps your body expel waste products. Drinking YANGA Sports Water helps you get the most out of your training!


Hydration: The Key to Exercise Success

Dehydration can have a strong negative effect on your sports performance. Therefore, being well-hydrated is very important. It will keep your body in balance and your energy levels up. YANGA Sports Water is the ultimate thirst-quencher during and after a sweaty workout and is available in all our clubs!

The benefits 
•    6 refreshing fruit flavors
•    Enriched with essential vitamins
•    Sugar-free and without colorants
•    Restores the moisture balance
•    Contributes to the elimination of toxins
•    Only 5 tiny calories per bottle
•    Perfectly chilled
•    You can do a refill every 20 minutes!


Are you ready to step up your hydration game? As a Basic-Fit member you have the opportunity to tap YANGA Sports Water – not once but twice – for free at the YANGA vending machine in the club! 

How to tap
1.    Scan your membership card at the YANGA vending machine
2.    Put your water bottle under the tap
3.    Choose your favorite flavor*
4.    And… tap ittt!

*We’ve got some yummy flavors to choose from: Black currant, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Coconut-Pineapple, Mango-Mandarin and Orange. You can also fill your water bottle with perfectly chilled water. 


Go For It! You can tap YANGA Sports Water for only €1,- per week at every Basic-Fit club in Europe. Select this option when you register as a new Basic-Fit member. 

Already a member? Click the button below this page to add YANGA Sports Water to your membership. Would you like to arrange it in the club? Go to the kiosk at the entrance and follow the instructions. Our colleagues are happy to assist you! 

*YANGA Sports Water can be cancelled per 4 weeks, so you're not committed to anything!