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Would you like some help with your training or do you just need a little help? Then the Personal Training Intro might be something for you! In the Personal Training Intro of 60 minutes you will be helped on your way by a certified personal trainer. This intro will help you reach your goal and with this knowledge you will increase your training pleasure, get results faster and reduce the risk of injuries.


A 1-on-1 Personal Trainer Intro of 60 minutes offered for 25 euros. Do you like it so much that you want to train more often with a Personal Trainer? Afterwards you can make a new appointment with the Personal Trainer with whom you did the intro or you can make an appointment through our website.

Are you already a member of Basic-Fit and would you like to do a Personal Training Intro? Check below if your club offers Personal Training. Do you? Then you can 'buy' the intro in the club via the orange self-service kiosk at the option 'Change my Extras'. The Personal Trainer will then contact you within 3 days to schedule the session. Don't forget to bring your phone with you because you have to scan a QR-code before you can pay via iDeal. In no time at all. Good luck with the intro!

Are you not a member of Basic-Fit yet but are you eager to work on your sports goals and are you enthusiastic about the Personal Training Intro? Then registering at Basic-Fit is the first step! With your registration you can directly purchase the Personal Training Intro.

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In need for more guidance to meet your fitness goals? Check out the Online Coach or get help from a Personal Trainer or Physiotherapist in our clubs!


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