Safe sports during pregnancy

04 July 2023
Safe sports during pregnancy - photo 1.1

Is exercising during pregnancy safe?

Do you want to stay active during your pregnancy? Good idea! Sports and pregnancy go very well together. In fact, it provides all kinds of health benefits, for you and the baby. Exercising not only makes you feel fitter and stronger, but also mentally unbeatable while your belly is growing. But there is more: a fixed sports routine allows you to take a breather (or not ;) between all the arrangements and prepares you for everything that is to come.

Work that bump

In the Basic-Fit Pregnancy Program you work on your mobility, strength and fitness to increase your stability and balance. And that is very important: the bigger your belly gets, the more you lose balance. The workouts in the Pregnancy Program are curated by professionals, including physical therapist Meghan Dodds and Marrit Hahn-Nicolai, author of #NOEXCUSES, a workout guide for pregnant women. You can perform the pregnancy exercises in the club or at home. All exercises are tailored to the different trimesters and 100% safe to perform during pregnancy and beyond. Whatever your level!

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy

By (continuing to) exercise you not only feel fitter and stronger, but also mentally unbeatable. But there are more benefits of exercising during pregnancy:

Sticking to a regular, safe exercise routine during pregnancy will ensure a strong and fit body and make your pregnancy less complicated!

  • Complaints such as bloating and constipation are minimized.
  • Less chance of pregnancy complications and injuries.
  • Reduced risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.
  • A better mood. It even lowers the risk of postpartum depression.
  • Fewer complications during childbirth.
  • A faster recovery after giving birth.
  • Better blood flow and drainage of moisture.

Safe and effective workouts during pregnancy

Take good care of your muscles and joints to reduce the risk of injury. The Basic-Fit Pregnancy Program therefore takes good care of your muscles and joints to reduce the risk of injuries. In this program you only perform exercises that seamlessly connect to the different trimesters of a pregnancy and the period after giving birth. This way you stay strong, flexible, and fit throughout your pregnancy while taking no risks and keeping injuries at bay.