Proof of Payment

In France, there is the possibility for companies to offer the reimbursement of gym memberships as part of their benefits package. This means that employees can get their gym membership partially or fully paid by their employer. In most cases, employees need to provide a Proof of Payment of their membership to be eligible for a reimbursement.

At Basic-Fit, we are convinced that physical activity is essential for a healthy and balanced life, which is why we have set up a solution. We created a Proof of Payment to facilitate the process of reimbursing a gym membership easier.

How to get reimbursed for your Gym membership?

In a few simple steps you can become a member of Basic-Fit, work on your fitness goals and get a (partial) reimbursement for your Gym Membership.

1. Join Basic-Fit

If you are not a member yet, the first step is to subscribe to Basic-Fit. With over 700 clubs across France and our Basic-Fit App,  you have access to fitness wherever and whenever you want. With over 4000+ group classes and workouts, inspirational fitness content or even meditation, there is something for everyone . Sign up now through the website and enjoy the benefits of Basic-Fit!


2. Get your Proof of Payment

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the reimbursement. That’s why we launched the easily accessible ‘Proof of Payment’ on My Basic-Fit (App and browser). Just select the month of which you want the Proof of Payment. With one click you can download the Proof of Payment. The only thing left is to share it with your place of employment.


What the CSE means for you!

The Comité Social et Économique (CSE) is an employee representative body that was introduced in 2017. The purpose of the CSE is to provide employees a place to discuss their concerns and ideas with their employers. One of the biggest areas where the CSE has had an impact in, are the sports benefits packages of companies.

Under French law, employers are required to contribute to the cost of sports activities for their employees. This includes reimbursements for gym memberships, sports equipment, or by offering sports activities on-site. The CSE plays an important role in ensuring that employees receive fair and equitable sports benefits packages from their employers.

The CSE works to negotiate and implement sports benefits packages that are tailored to the needs of employees. The CSE also works to ensure that sports benefits packages are accessible to all employees, regardless of their level of physical fitness or ability.


Reimbursment of Gym Membership

The Proof of Payment is a document that shows that you have paid for your gym membership. You can get the proof of payment by requesting a receipt or invoice from the gym where you have signed up for. At Basic-Fit you can download the Proof of Payment easily via the App.

To get your gym membership reimbursed by your company, you should first check the policies regarding financial participation in sports activities. If your company offers reimbursement for gym memberships, you can sign up for a gym membership and provide a proof of payment to your employer.

The amount of reimbursement for gym memberships differs per company. Some offer full reimbursement, while others reimburse the costs partially.

You typically need to provide a Proof of Payment, such as a receipt or invoice. Some companies may also require additional documentation, such as a signed reimbursement request form.

No, it is not mandatory for companies to offer reimbursement of a gym membership. However, many companies do offer this as part of their benefits package.