Gyms in Paris

Gyms in Paris

Paris, like most of France’s major cities, already has many Basic-Fit fitness clubs. You can use your subscription to do your fitness sessions at any of our gyms across Paris. Whether you’re a Parisian or just passing through, each Basic-Fit gym in Paris gives you access to a wide range of new-generation exercise and fitness equipment. You will also be able to enjoy many group classes. Take a look at the list of Paris gyms below, and for more information about a specific club, go directly to the website of the Paris gym you’re interested in. You can easily subscribe online and start working out today!

Our gyms in Paris

Why choose Basic-Fit to keep fit in Paris?

There are a whole host of reasons to join one of the many Basic-Fit gyms in Paris or the Paris region. The first thing you’ll notice is the welcoming atmosphere in our Basic-Fit gyms in the French capital.

No matter your age, fitness levels and physical condition, we’ll give you what you need to attain your fitness goals in a pleasant atmosphere.

Basic-Fit has many gyms in the inner suburbs or in the Parisian arrondissement of your choice. If you live in Paris, you should know that many Basic-Fit gyms are already open right across the capital’s arrondissements, so you won’t have any trouble finding your local gym. There’s the Basic-Fit on Rue Curial, in the 17th, the gyms on Rue Crozatier in the 12th and on Avenue de Choisy in the 13th, and the gym on Chaussée d'Antin in the 9th arrondissement. Basic Fit is a fast-growing network of fitness centres, with new Basic-Fit gyms opening all the time in each arrondissement of Paris. Most of our gyms are located close to car parks or RATP bus, underground train and public transport routes so that you can get to your Paris gym easily and quickly. It will be easy to come and train at one of our Paris gyms, even if you’re in the suburbs, thanks to the excellent public transport network in Paris. Once you’ve subscribed online, a personalised training plan will be created to get you off to a good start. Our personal trainers are also on hand at each gym in Paris or the suburbs to give you advice on exercising and improving your physical condition.

Available facilities and group classes

Our Paris gyms are comfortable and user-friendly, and each gym is set out in seven distinct and spacious training areas. On top of that, Basic-Fit wants to make sure that you feel at home, so each Paris gym has comfortable, separate male and female changing rooms, with lockers and showers. Water fountains are also available if you need them.

Just like the hundreds of other Basic-Fit gyms accessible across Europe with your subscription, the Paris gyms are fitted with the newest and very best fitness equipment.

GXR classes or virtual group classes are designed by the best fitness experts and broken down into eleven different categories, from HIIT to yoga. They are available free of charge at your gym. A wide range of classes are waiting to be discovered at our Paris gyms, and we have something for all tastes and all fitness levels. And even if you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can use the Basic-Fit app included in your subscription to “attend” virtual fitness classes and do your gym session from home or from the office, using the video platform on the Basic-Fit app and ‘’MyBasic-Fit‘’. GXR Live group classes are also available at some of our gyms, so that you can come and do a GXR class, alone or with friends, with a real instructor with you in the room. You can join quickly online, with a choice of two basic, low-cost plans, so why wait? Come and join the Basic-Fit family.

Basic-Fit price plans

We have two different subscriptions that have all you need to keep fit on a budget. The Comfort plan gives you low-cost access to a well-equipped gym. The Premium plan enables you to bring a friend with you every time you come to a Basic-Fit gym. If you join Basic-Fit in Paris, you can opt for one of two basic price plans. Both of these price plans give you access to the following as standard: Several gyms in Paris and the suburbs, and the option to train in one of over 750 Basic-Fit gyms in France and Europe. Virtual group GXR classes in the gym or from home. Free Basic-Fit app with remote and in-person training sessions. Online training coach for fitness and exercise tips. Audio training to help you move forward. So, there’s no time to lose! Join Basic-Fit online in just a few clicks and start your fitness journey now, with unlimited exercise opportunities 7 days a week.

Find our gyms in Paris and the inner suburbs.

Are you looking for more gyms in Paris, or the Paris region, or do you just want to find your nearest gym? To see the Basic-Fit gyms in Paris and its inner suburbs, use our fast search tool, the club finder.