Gyms in Nice

Gym in Nice
Nice and the Nice region are home to a lot of Basic-Fit fitness clubs. You can use your subscription to get your workout at any of our gyms across Nice. Whether you’re a resident of Nice or just passing through, each Basic-Fit gym in Nice gives you access to a wide range of fitness equipment and many group classes. Take a look at the list of Nice gyms below, and for more information about a specific club, go directly to the website of the gym you’re interested in. Do you want to register? You can do this very quickly online. As a Basic-Fit member, you have access to all of our 900+ gyms throughout Europe, which is handy if you visit different places in Nice or several towns. This way, you can go to the nearest gym directly from work or school! 

Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Nice?
What makes the Basic-Fit gyms in Nice so great? Of course, it starts with our high-quality fitness equipment. But also our clean and tidy changing rooms and showers and our secure lockers. In addition, you can always count on receiving the best services. We have on-site fitness professionals, fun (virtual) group classes, and a handy virtual coach that helps you measure your progress. Once you’ve subscribed, a personalised training plan will be created to get you off to a good start. Our trainers are also on hand at each gym in Nice to advise on exercising and improving your physical condition. So, no matter your age, fitness level or and physical condition, we’ll give you what you need to attain your fitness goals in a pleasant atmosphere.

Group classes and facilities
Just like the hundreds of other Basic-Fit gyms accessible across Europe with your subscription, our gyms in Nice are fitted with the newest and very best fitness equipment. Our gyms in Nice are comfortable and user-friendly, and each gym features seven distinct and spacious training areas, ranging from a Virtual Cycling zone to a Stretch zone. Our virtual group classes, from HIIT to yoga, are designed by the best fitness experts. There is always a class available that suits you, and they are available free of charge at your gym. We stay connected to the latest developments in the fitness industry and have experienced in-house professionals, so we always provide up-to-date material, information, and tools.

Prices at Basic-Fit
If you join Basic-Fit in Nice, you can opt for one of two memberships. We recommend our Premium membership. That way, you can take a training buddy with you to every fitness session. This is helpful for motivation and perhaps a little encouragement during your workout. The Comfort membership gives you low-cost access to a well-equipped gym. Both memberships provide access to several gyms in Nice, the wider region, or over 900 Basic-Fit gyms in France and Europe. So no matter where you find yourself, you can go directly to the club in the area closest to you. Have you chosen a membership? Then personalise it with added extras, such as a personal trainer or YANGA Sports Water. Join Basic-Fit online in just a few clicks and start your fitness journey now, with unlimited exercise opportunities seven days a week.

Gyms in the Nice region
In Nice, you will find multiple gyms. Do you want more? Discover all Basic-Fit gyms in the Nice region, such as Saint-Laurent-du-Var, Villeneuve-Loubet, and La Colle-sur-Loup.

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