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Basic-Fit has several gyms in Bordeaux that offer a great fitness experience. We have more than 900 clubs throughout Europe, including at the centre of Bordeaux and all other parts of the city. In each gym, you can expect the best equipment and excellent services. In addition, we have coaches and a handy, free app.

Are you already feeling enthusiastic and can’t wait to begin? First, locate a Basic-Fit gym near you and sign up. Registering online from home is easy. After that, you can get started at one of our gyms in Bordeaux!

Our gyms in Bordeaux

Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Bordeaux?

Exercising at our gyms in Bordeaux is always a great experience. Why? Let’s start with the basics. In every Basic-Fit in Bordeaux, the most modern fitness equipment is waiting for you. As an extra, you can scan the QR code on the equipment with our free app and get an explanation of how to perform the relevant exercises correctly. Besides these basics, there are all kinds of nice extras, such as YANGA Sports Water and live group classes.

In the Basic-Fit app, you will find more valuable tools, such as our virtual coach, who provides you with tips on fitness and nutrition. So what are you waiting for? Check out the gyms in Bordeaux and find your nearest club!

Group classes and facilities 

At our gyms in Bordeaux, working out on your own is key. But Basic-Fit is more than just a building with fitness equipment! Fitness can sometimes be very challenging, especially when you are just starting out or if you’re recovering from injuries. That’s why we always provide the correct guidance. Think of our virtual coach in the free app.

You will also find experienced professionals in our clubs, like a personal trainer and a physiotherapist who will provide support. Discover a club near you with the club finder. When you have found your closest gym in Bordeaux, click further to learn about its opening times and services!

Prices at Basic-Fit

Are you interested in exercising at one of our gyms in Bordeaux? Starting at Basic-Fit is not difficult. All you have to do is choose the membership that suits you and register online. We offer two different types of memberships.

Not sure yet which membership to choose? It’s pretty simple: decide whether you prefer to exercise alone or with a workout buddy. In the first case, you should select the Comfort membership. Otherwise, the Premium membership is the best choice. That way, you can always take a friend or roommate with you for free, so you always have a little encouragement while working out!

Gyms in the Bordeaux region

Are you looking for more gyms in the Bordeaux region? View our Basic-Fit gyms in Gradignan, Libourne, Mérignac, Le Bouscat, and Villenave-d’Ornon, or find the nearest clubs in your area with the club finder.

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