Gyms in Marseille

Gym in Marseille
You'll find our gyms all over Marseille, so there’s always one available near you. Our gyms in Marseille and the surrounding areas have the latest fitness equipment and (virtual) group classes. You’ll also have direct access to our free and handy app. Find your local gym on the list below and come train at any of our gyms in Marseille. Enjoy the benefits of always having a local gym. Welcome to your Basic-Fit gym! Do you want to get started at a gym in Marseille as soon as possible? At Basic-Fit, we make that possible. So find your nearest club, register online, and get started today! 

Why fitness at Basic-Fit in Marseille?
When you become a member at any of our gyms in Marseille, you will get a personalised training programme for the first six weeks. You can also use the free Basic-Fit app so that you can train at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. Our trainers will be delighted to help you! If you like training with others, you’re sure to enjoy our group classes. And when you’ve finished exercising, recover with a YANGA Sports Water. This is a hydrating, sugar-free drink enriched with vitamins. If you’re looking for a low-cost but modern and flexible gym in Marseille, don’t hesitate any further. Basic-Fit is the gym for you! And did you also know that with a membership, you have access to every club in Europe? There are more than 900 gyms, including all the gyms in Marseille! Basic-Fit gives you the flexibility to keep fit in a way that works for you.

Group classes and facilities
Our gyms in Marseille have everything you would expect from a modern gym: the latest fitness equipment, free lockers, and clean showers. You can get started with the training schedules in the free Basic-Fit app, but our personal trainers and physiotherapists are always available for additional fitness coaching. Also, at Basic-Fit, we have different types of group classes with varying intensity levels, from HIIT, a high-impact form of training that burns fat and strengthens muscles, to yoga, a thousand-year-old practice that connects the body and mind, stretches the muscles and helps you relax. You can check class times at your gym and sign up for them using your Basic-Fit app.

Prices at Basic-Fit
Are you looking for an affordable gym in Marseille? Then, our clubs are ready to welcome you! No matter which membership you choose, you can always rely on the unlimited use of the Basic-Fit app, our variety of virtual classes, and access to every club. And that’s handy, as you can go directly to the nearest gym straight from home, work, or wherever you are. Moreover, with a Basic-Fit subscription, you have access to all our clubs. Not only to our gyms in Marseille but also to 900+ other clubs all over Europe! When you sign up for one of our gyms in Marseille, you must first decide whether you prefer to exercise alone or with a buddy. In the first case, you should opt for the Comfort membership. Otherwise, the Premium membership is the best option. That way, you can always take a friend, colleague, or roommate with you for free. So sign up online and get started in one of our gyms!

Gyms in the Marseille region
In Marseille, you will find multiple gyms around the city. Are you looking for more? Discover all of the Basic-Fit gyms in the Marseille region, such as Marignane, Les Pennes Mirabeau, and Aubagne.