Benefits of the gym for other sports

07 August 2019
Going to the gym can help you improve your sports performance. Learn how you can get the most out of fitness to up your game in your favorite sport.
Benefits of the gym for other sports - photo 1.1

Fitness and sports

Do you play any sports? Did you know that for every sport, there are special fitness exercises that can improve your performance? Fitness and sports go hand in hand, improving your health and upping your game!

Working out at the gym regularly keeps you from getting hurt when playing sports because your muscles have been built up and trained to handle the type of exertion competitive sports demand. 

Which fitness exercises go well with which sports

Every sport requires strength in specific muscles, making it worth your while to have them in shape. No matter what sport you play, strength training, when done right, will always boost your performance. It’ll make you stronger, faster, give you better balance, and improve your posture. 

In the Basic-Fit app you’ll find many exercises that help you strengthen the muscles you need to be in top-notch condition when playing certain sports. It’s easy to use, with one click, you know exactly which fitness exercises go with which sports.

Just remember to get enough rest, especially if you’re doing fitness and sports. You can always modify how often and how hard you work out depending on your fitness level. You always need time for muscle recovery so that you don’t get any injuries. That’s why you should plan out your weekly workout routine so that you have breaks between each day of fitness training or playing sports. 

It should be clear to you now that it’s very beneficial for you to complement your sports practice with fitness exercises, which includes using the machines, lifting weights, strength training, or cardiovascular exercises. You’re less likely to get hurt, and your performance will get better. 

A good thing to do is to consult a personal trainer. If you’re a Basic-Fit client, you can always sign up for a free first kickstart session so that one of our instructors can give you some pointers on the best exercises to do based on the sport you play.