Keep training interesting

11 September 2019
Does exercising sometimes bore you? Here are some tips to make exercising more fun.
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How to make working out more fun

It happens to everyone: workout routines eventually get boring, and you don’t feel like exercising. But that means getting out of shape, so what do you do? Luckily there are ways to make working out more fun. Here they are:

Go to group classes
At Basic-Fit we have on-site and online classes with instructors from all over the world. They’ll infect you with their passion for working out and staying in shape. If you choose on-site classes, the instructor can give you special attention and help you get the most out of every fitness session.

Change your workout time
Working out has a different effect on your mood depending on the time of day you do it. Morning workouts wake you up; evening workouts calm you down. If your routine has gone stale, changing the time of your workout will make things newer and more interesting. Plus, you’ll also meet new people, motivating you even more.

Switch up the exercises
While it’s necessary to have a routine, it’s good to change it from time to time. Imagine having seasons in which you do a new series of exercises. Instead of the treadmill, use the stationary bike, or switch from weights to one of machines that works the same muscles. So while every routine should work different sets of muscles, the routines themselves should also change. 

Try a different location
If you’re a member of Basic-Fit, you can choose from 700 clubs in Europe! Your plan allows you use any Basic-Fit gym you want with no extra charge. There’s nothing like exercising at a new location to revamp your workout routine. 

Work out with a friend or in a group
Fitness with friends always makes things more fun. Working out with people motivates you to keep going. You can try out new exercises together, and challenge each other to push your limits a little more than usual.

The Basic-Fit App
Our app offers new exercises and online classes that’ll help you add some variety to your workout routine, whether you’re at home or at the gym.

So there you have it. Follow these tips and make working out more fun. Good luck and keep up the great work!