Stay strong and fit with the Basic-Fit pregnancy program

04 July 2023
Stay strong and fit with the Basic-Fit pregnancy program - photo 1.1

Workouts during the different stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy is like playing professional sports! All the more reason to take good care of your body and do everything you can to keep it strong and fit. The Basic-Fit Pregnancy Program consists of nine four-week programs, so 36 weeks in total. In addition to the meditations, the program consists of strength and fitness workouts. The first seven workouts focus on the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy. The last two are for after giving birth.

Exercises during first trimester: an energy boost!

We start at the end of your first trimester. Perfect timing, because at this point in your pregnancy your energy starts to come back. We focus on stimulating blood circulation, to get more oxygen-rich blood into your body and therefore also to your brain: an extra boost for your energy! Exercises to avoid during the first trimester: too many heavy (straight) abdominal crunches. During pregnancy, the straight abdominal muscles give way to make room for your belly to grow. This is called a diastasis and is necessary to give the baby space. Of course, you can't completely avoid using your abs. But avoid exercises like sit-ups or planks on the floor. If your belly bulges out during exercise, you are exerting too much pressure.

Exercises during second trimester: work that booty

In the second trimester, your belly starts to grow considerably. This is the time to train your buttocks and leg muscles to give your pelvis more stability. We also discuss maintaining a good posture and a stable core to prevent low back pain. It is not surprising in this phase of your pregnancy that you have more problems sleeping. Regular exercise will help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. As a result, body and mind recover and you rest better. Exercises to avoid from the second trimester are all exercises that require you to lie on your back. This puts too much pressure on the abdominal region.

Exercises during third trimester

In the third trimester, your uterus and baby grow, pushing against your lungs. As a result your lung capacity decreases and breathing becomes a challenge. Correct breathing is therefore extremely important during this trimester and we will work on that during this period. You learn how to perform the flank breath and create length between your ribs. We keep the movements small and controlled as your straps loosen. In this phase we also focus on loosening your ribcage and hips to get you ready for childbirth.

Postpartum exercises

Yes! Your baby is here. Six weeks after giving birth (eight weeks after a caesarean section) you can start training again. The postpartum workouts focus on restoring your strength and core stability. During pregnancy, your rectus abdominis have to move apart in order for your belly to grow. After giving birth, these muscles do not grow back together immediately. Step by step we build up the exercises to find the connection with your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Lifting Weights Safely During Pregnancy

Yes! You can continue to lift weights during your pregnancy. Watch your posture and keep your breathing under control. This is how you create core strength that keeps you stable. Never hold your breath this can increase the pressure on your abdomen. Inhale before you start the exercise, and exhale when you exert the most force.

Basic-Fit’s Pregnancy workouts

Basic-Fit wishes everyone a healthy body and a fit head. No matter how strong you are, how often you exercise, how old or young you feel; everyone deserves that athlete's afterglow. Especially when you are pregnant! The Pregnancy Program is a fitness program with exercises and coaching aimed at women in every phase of pregnancy, including a postpartum follow-up process. The Pregnancy Program can be found in the Basic-Fit app.