Workout playlist by Basic-Fit on Spotify

27 March 2019
The benefits of a playlist during a gym session.
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Music in the gym

The music played in classes matches the workout. For example, relaxing meditation music for your yoga class or high-energy songs for your spinning class. That allows to you to get into the zone and focus on what you are doing. A great workout playlist can also be a great motivator in the gym!

Two of the most important qualities of workout music are tempo and rhythm. Most people instinctively synchronise their movements with music by tapping their toes, nodding their heads or even dancing. That's why dance, pop and rock music are also popular types of workout music. But of course everyone has their own favourite tunes!

The benefits of a playlist during a gym session

  1. It creates a distraction: working out to music not only makes you feel less aware of your exertions, but upbeat and fast tunes help to focus your attention more on the music than on any pain or tiredness you might be feeling.
  2. The beat determines the speed: the beat determines the speed: the rhythm of the workout music stimulates the brain. This can have an effect on solo exercises such as weight lifting or running because synchronisation can help you expend your energy in a more stable and efficient way.
  3. Music lifts the spirits; it's no secret that music can influence your mood. In most gyms, people listen to music to motivate themselves or find self-awareness. Playing the right music can inspire you to focus, which in turn can reduce negative feelings and increase your motivation.

Check out the Basic-Fit workout playlist on Spotify for the music used in our GXR virtual group exercise classes. They are also excellent for other training sessions!