GXR Live Group classes

All clubs will be open from June 17th

And we are so happy with this! Check here if your club is open.
The VIRTUAL GXR group classes will start in all the clubs from June 17th, when the LIVE GXR group classes will only be available from June 22nd. We can't wait to welcome you back in the club and in the GXR rooms for a nice group class together.
When following a GXR class at the club, please make sure to follow the extra measures in place - Discover the measures here.

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Exercising in a group is a good and fun way to work on your individual goals. It is super motivating and a lot more fun than working and sweating on your own!
Would you like someone to supervise you during a group lesson, check if you do the exercises properly and motivate you personally when things get tough? Then you should definitely go for the GXR LIVE group Lessons. In our Live clubs we offer the latest Les Mills, Booty, XCore, Zumba and Freedom classes. Our professionally trained instructors know how to help you get the most out of your workout.


Want to find out what group classes are held at your club and at what time? Download the free Basic-Fit app (for members only) to see the group class timetable or search for your club.
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By paying an extra 5.00 per 4-week period you get unlimited access to all live group classes. This Extra is linked to your standard Basic-Fit membership (Comfort or Premium) and can be cancelled at any time with effect from the next 4-week period. If your own club does not offer live group classes, you can use your Comfort or Premium membership to attend classes at another Basic-Fit club that does offer them. Check in the list of clubs whether there is a club close to you that offers live group classes!


Would you like to be able to join live group classes at all our clubs where they are offered? When you register online or register in the kiosk at the club you can choose 'live group classes' as an Extra. Already a member? Log in to My Basic-Fit and select this Extra with your 'Membership'. The host at the club can also do this for you!
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If live group classes are included with your membership, you can participate in all group classes at any Basic-Fit club that offers live classes. Please go to the desk before the class starts when you will be given a ticket. This ticket entitles you to join the class – the instructor will ask for it at the start of the class.