GXR Virtual Group classes

All clubs will be open from June 17th

And we are so happy with this! Check here if your club is open.
The VIRTUAL GXR group classes will start in all the clubs from June 17th, when the LIVE GXR group classes will only be available from June 22nd. We can't wait to welcome you back in the club and in the GXR rooms for a nice group class together.
When following a GXR class at the club, please make sure to follow the extra measures in place - Discover the measures here.

The virtual group lessons in the gym

GXR stands for Group Exercise Revolution. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? It is! GXR VIRTUAL are super cool virtual group lessons where the well-known presenters from the world of sports and tv, drag you into their enthusiasm and passion for sports and exercise. Eleven different classes, varying from HIIT classes, where you push your limits, to Yoga classes where you will leave the room completely Zen. GXR VIRTUAL are 20 to 40 minute classes that you can combine with another workout in the club. If you have just finished a cardio program, finish your training with an Abs & Core, a Barbell or a Box lesson in the group lesson studio!

GXR VIRTUAL is offered in all Basic-Fit clubs and the lessons are updated every three months.

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Available classes