Running with Basic-Fit

Getting started with running

Whether you still have to make your first running meters or want to train for a marathon, we are going to help you! We'll help you with training programs, audio training and advice from professional runners. These top runners share their own experiences and tell you how to start, how to get faster and how to prevent injuries. Whatever your running goal is, Go For It!

Running can cause intense strain to your body. That is why it is essential that you build up training load gradually and, above all, that you start slowly. These 'slow kilometers' provide an optimal foundation. Once you have developed such a foundation, you can start picking up the pace! 

You can develop it up by adding a little bit more effort at a time and walking just a bit faster than a brisk walk. For example, you can gradually walk up to 5 km and progress to 7.5 km to eventually be able to run 10km. Of course, it takes longer when running slowly, but that's a good thing! By initially completing these slow kilometers, you are burning more fat and you teach your body to be more frugal with carbohydrates. During your buildup take an occasional step back before going back to progessing. For example, you can go from 10 km to 7.5 km, back to 10 km to 12.5 km. Of course you can also build it up incrementally. Divide your run into increments. For example 10x1 km with 2 minutes of walking in between. Then, once things go well, you can for example do 4 increments of 2.5 km, followed by 2 sections of 5 km in order to finally be able to run 10 km in one go. 

Listen to your body

Make sure you don't run too many kilometers if you are experiencing complaints. Often, complaints are a signal that you have overburdened yourself. Progress smart and sensibly and always listen to your body. In this way, you are able to maintain a proper work (running training) to rest ratio. 

Guidance through technology

In the Basic-Fit app we support you with running:

  • My Home Gym > 8 minuts body workouts > Pre-run workout, the ideal and short workout before you run!
  • Workouts > 6 weeks program for the beginning runner.
  • Guided Training > 2 Audio Outdoor Running sessions for you!
  • Guided Training > And also for the club we have Audio Trainings on the treadmill.
  • Download the app on your Apple Watch as well, so it's handy when you're running! Watch the tutorial here.

Download the Basic-Fit app below!

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Workouts in the Basic-Fit app

In our Basic-Fit app you will find a lot of workouts, also for running! We have 2 programs of 6 weeks to learn how to run & build your condition!

PS: The following links can only be opened if you have the Basic-Fit app.

Walk-run combination

If you're looking for a running plan to help you get started, then this 6-week run training plan for beginners is just the ticket.

Running conditioning Program:

Work on your fitness in the club with this training schedule!
6 weeks in total / 3X per week

Are you up to the challenge?

Guided Training, outside or inside the club

In the Basic-Fit app you will also find a number of Guided Trainings for in the club or outdoors.

    1. Half hour intervals "The trainer takes you outside for a variety of interval training". = 30 min
    2. Start running! "Together with the Audio Trainer, you'll start running, you'll alternate walking and jogging. = 20 min

At the club:

In the app you will find more than 10 different Guided Trainings for on the treadmill. 
Be challenged by our presenters! The sessions vary from 10 to 25 minutes.


Blogs about running

Runner Gert-Jan tells in the blogs below more about how to improve your speed, how to prevent running injuries and how to train for the marathon! Good luck with your running training!