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We are very happy to welcome you back to our clubs! Unfortunately, not all together because that is not good for that world-famous 1,5 meter distance. Because the government has stipulated that only a limited number of people can be in the club at the same time, we work with a reservation system: Gymtime. Here you can reserve a time slot between 30 and 90 minutes. You can do this in the Basic-Fit app and via and it is super easy!

*Making a reservation is possible from friday the 14th of may. See you soon!

Step 1


Select the club where you want to train.
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Step 2:

Choose a date and time. You can reserve a spot up to 5 days in advance and we show all the spots that are still available.
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For Premium Members: If you click in 'invite' your friend will receive an e-mail invitation to train with you! This e-mail contains a QR-code which he/she can use as a day pass.
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Step 3


Choose how long you want to reserve for your workout.
Taking member feedbacks into account, you will be able to book between 30 minutes and 90 minutes.

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Step 4


Accept our terms and safety measures
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Step 5


Confirm and enjoy your workout!
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We have drawn up some measures. Make sure to read them carefully so you know how things work.

  • You can only enter the club if you have a reservation. No reservation = no access, sorry!
  • You can make a reservation up to 5 days in advance.
  • You can make 1 reservation at a time. When that time slot is over, you can make a new reservation.
  • Can't make your planned workout? Then cancel your reservation so that you can make someone else happy with that time slot. Go to your reservation and choose 'cancel'.
  • Do you want to change your reservation? Then cancel it and make a new reservation.
  • You can enter in the first 15 minutes of your timeslot. So if you have reserved from 1 p.m., you can enter between 1 p.m. and 1.15 p.m. After that your reservation expires and you no longer can access or enter the club until you make another reservation.
  • Premium members can also make a reservation for a friend. The friend must enter after the member but within the first 15 minutes of the reserved time slot.
  • If you still have an open payment, you cannot make a reservation. This payment must then first be made.

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Measures for a safe fitness environment