Instructeur GXR


Latin Dance

Souvenez-vous toujours pourquoi vous avez commencé

Since I was a kid I have always loved to move, jump, run, ride a bike and kick a ball… I loved playing all sports. Before starting my graduate studies, I started to work out in the gyms and I immediately took a liking to it. I wanted to discover fitness more in depth with group classes and I started to try them all: strength classess, cardio classes and eventually arrive at dance classes ... And there it was: hip hop , ragga, salsa, dance, I become a fan. From there, I decided to teach it myself to share my passion for dance and I had the chance to travel and teach in more than 20 countries. For 20 years I have been making everyone dance from the youngest to the oldest and thanks to the GXR Latin Dance classes, dancing becomes accessible to everyone at any time. I'm having a blast on this class because the music is catchy, the class is a cardio workout and fun at the same time. Will you come dance with me next time?

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