New at the fitness club? This is how you can start training

27 July 2023
Are you starting well with a new gym membership? We've got a few beginners tips for you!
New at the fitness club? This is how you can start training - photo 1.1

Is getting active one of your resolutions? Then it's time to turn your good intentions into reality. After a bit of research, you're there, you're going to the gym! Taking your first steps in the gym can be a bit daunting for some people. Especially if you've never set foot in a gym before. But there's no need to worry! We've got a couple of beginner's tips to help you get started. So, you can really go for it this January.

Tip 1: start slowly and don't overdo it It's important not to start off too enthusiastically.

Start with a few exercises (three or four) on your first day. That way, you make sure you don't get too much muscle soreness in the first few days and you can recover more effectively for the next training session. This also helps prevent injuries caused by overtraining. Follow a beginner's training plan and slowly build up to using heavier weights. There's no hurry!

Tip 2: Write it all down

You can only really keep track of your progress if you know where you started. Start a training log book on your first day with all your current statistics. You can use it to record your weight, but also to log exercises, sets, repetitions and recovery times during each training session. Want to measure your progress and what has changed? There's a Virtual Coach in all clubs. The Virtual Coach weighing scales allow you to measure your weight, muscle mass and fat percentage. The data is sent to the Basic-Fit app (you need to download it) where you can keep track of your progress!

Tip 3: Eat protein after your workout

Replenishing your muscles with the right nutrients is the most important thing you can do after a training session. Eating a high-protein meal or a high-protein snack is always recommended.

Tip 4: Ask for help

Unsure how a piece of equipment works? Or where the weights are? Ask a member of staff for help. That's their job, after all! If you are looking for training advice, a personal trainer may be the best person to help you.

Tip 5: Water and towel

Don't forget to take a water bottle and a towel. This might seem obvious, but it is essential for a good workout in the gym. You can then replenish your fluids with YANGA Sports Water and you can keep the equipment dry if you are doing bench presses, for example. You can also buy bottles of water in the club if you forget your own bottle. January is the perfect month to start!